Thursday, February 28, 2008

And so it begins...

my friend, jenn billingsley, who shall remain nameless, told me if i was seriously going to write, i should get a real blog. no more of this myspace blogging, said she. so, based upon this one person's thoughts, i am now a blogger. i suppose just the url in itself means it's more official.

another friend, scott ragsdale, has me listed in his writer's circle of friends, even though i never wrote with him. i don't remember him on the writing teams i was on back then. but ok...i guess if i'm in his writing circle, i should get back to writing.

one of my new friends, rachel cook, gave me a script she wrote for The Office. no, she's not a writer for the show, but she's very gifted and if i had to bet on yes or no, i'd bet yes for her becoming a television writer at some point.

i have other friends in various stages of writing books, movies, song, poetry. i have a mind to try each of these. i do the music, but have ideas for the rest. well...the poetry ideas are pretty weak. mostly limericks about dave pontious (i've got a huge collection of them).

i have two book ideas and two movie ideas. but i don't write enough to feel comfortable with starting any of them with any amount of commitment or intentionality. i'm hoping that being a real blogger will help me out like being a real boy did for geppetto's kid, least before he went to prison.

so, someday when i'm begging rachel cook to please just look at the newest treatment for some movie i've thought up, i'll look back on this moment...waiting for 6 pm and the ESL students...hiding in the back corner of Cherubs...and i'll think...jenn, this was all your fault!

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Rosie said...

Welcome to the world of blogspot, Nate. I, too, have been bogging, but not so much in the literary sphere... I use it to post recent confections I've made at the Simran Bakehouse! I'll check in on yours from time to time! Happy blogging!