Monday, April 21, 2008

it's hard to believe

that one weekend could make up for the worst winter ever. but i played catch friday, and sat on the front porch with my guitar and a pot of coffee on saturday and sunday. both are very favorite passtimes of mine. i also went back to the shaved head summer mode, despite jodi's two votes for a cut with the old #1 length trimmer, and alisa's request for a mohawk. i could believe how long my hair got between september and now.

also hung out with the two J's, and chris and pam last night. it was a very funny night, including attempts at sexy cracker eating, and improvisational dance to no music...something at which i'm quite gifted.

then last night i went to Gallery Cabaret for the sunday night open mic. it was my first time at the sunday edition, and it's quite the different crowd. saw some pretty talented people i've not heard over there before, and then got the most complete and best compliment i've ever gotten about my music. it came from a 63 year old guy who's been in music his whole life and has known and played with some of the most well known folk artists of the 60's and 70's. it was more of a discussion, but i came away a little shocked. it made me want to work even harder, and i'm already working harder than i ever have.

and now today is absolutely beautiful. i get to ride my bike to work, and then i'm rehearsing with chris tofilon again tonight for thursday's show. should be good times.

i'm so glad winter is over.

and congrats to jessica hockaday on her engagement

the cubs are in first place

one of my kids i tutor went from mostly f's and some d's at the beginning of this year to all a's and one b. awesome work, gerald! (this was a collaborative effort...miss ruth, the 5th grade teacher at By The Hand, should get the lion's share of the credit).

so, yeah...outside of a ridiculous weekend of gun violence (37 shot, 7 killed), it's been a good few days.

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Call me regarding your "Mr. Heldman goes to Wash ... er, Springfield" blog entry. Thanks

Dave Bakke
The State Journal-Register
Springfield, IL