Thursday, June 19, 2008

Run, River

rough draft on some new song lyrics...a song called Run, River (at least right now)

someday soon
gonna leave this place
find me a little town
in an open space
maybe some foothills
to break the plane
and a quiet river
that knows my name

i'll find my rythym
maybe a job
as leaves turn over
i might find God
He might not know me
been gone that long
my friends even call me
the prodigal one

it's time for some changes
there's no denying
i'm alive on the outside
but my spirit is dying
so disappointed
in who i've been
maybe that river
can hold my sin

the lords of concrete
have brought me down
nose to the grindstone
and ear to the ground
the sirens sing loudly
the sirens don't stop
they sing to me sweetly
as i crash on the rocks


i don't have a bridge yet...we'll see how that goes. i've actually got about 4 soungs working right now, lyrically. it's still not flowing, but there seems to be a crack in the dam.

btw, in case you haven't heard elsewhere, i've got a gig opening for a national touring act this sunday night. ya'll should come out to hear me! just drop me a comment for directions and time


g-bug said...

i like this one.
have you written the music yet?

Nate Heldman said... that you've heard the music...