Saturday, November 1, 2008

while waitng for one of my 4 drafts to get finished...

here's a few things i wrote back in '05. my friend, kim, and i each wrote 3 and they were done as monologues during a church service.


I am walking through this world
A journey of neon, gold, steel, and flesh
Shiny things catch my attention
And I go where I look

My eye is drawn to reflections of me
Me with money, me with security
Me with control, me with every heart's desire
...and I go where I look

My hands keep me busy
Acting as blinders to narrow my vision
I see only beauty...I avoid ugliness
...and I go where I look

But there is another on this journey with me
Who sees beyone the reflections
Who knows the condition of my heart
Who turns my head, as a rider might, toward things loved deeply
And leads me from the stately to the humble
To broken homes, broken, hearts, broken minds, broken spirits
Even the occasional broken bone
...and I go where I look

Each tug of the reins leads me closer
To becoming the reflection of He who waits for me
At the end of the journey
...and I go where I look

An Almost Voice

Sometimes I am talking to God...
and someone answers

Sometimes I am talking to myself...
and someone answers

Sometimes I am not on speaking terms with anyone...
and still someone answers

Oh, it's annoying enough. Mostly I just like
the sound of my own voice. You
arguments, monologues, and what-not.

And so I talk...and if I run out of things to say
I turn up the radio, or watch TV, or hang with friends
ANYTHING to keep the volume above the threshhold
of that "someone who speaks"

But then comes that sneaky moment when my guard is down
and the questions of my life are present in my mind...
...and someone answers

Only this time I listen
And for a while I wonder why I would ever let any other
voice or noise cover the sound of this someone who answers
And I resolve to listen more often
more intently, and more deeply least until my favorite TV show comes on

You're a Nut

Your heart is hardened

Ok...hardened. Like steel?

Your heart is a walnut

Didn't you just say...oh...hardened like a walnut.

Yes. Do you understand?

I need a minute here. Let's see...walnuts are indeed hard...but...they're not all hard. And they're not unbreakable. And there's good stuff inside.

Yes. And how do you get to that good stuff?

A hammer! Or a nutcracker. Wait...this is beginning to sound like a painful process. Isn't there a gentler way?

I am Living Water

Hmmm...yeah. So...uh...if I drink, I'll be softened?

It will start the process. Do you know the power of water?

Over time, it can wear away very large or very hard things. Ooooh! The constant and steady effect of water works wonders on the hardest of things.

Do you understand? heart is...immersed in...a stream of Living hard shell can be worked away without necessarily needing crushing pressure to crack it.

Yes. Your heart is hardened

Like a walnut...

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