Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tell me about freedom

i have had this longstanding thread in my brain and heart about freedom. not any particular application of the word...just freedom in general. i am getting ready to write on it. i've started, even. but i would like to hear, through the use of the comments on this post, what you all feel about freedom. it doesn't matter if you think of the USA, no fear, liberty, living in some unfettered fashion, or life in Christ...any way you think and feel about that concept of no constraints...or not...i'd like to hear what you think.

if you have something written or a favorite piece that someone else did that captures your feelings, feel free to post that in your comments, too.


AARONieq said...

Freedom is one of the most important things on earth to me...probably half because I'm scared of commitment and half because of who I was made to be. I chase after it in many ways, and it leads to some of the greatest moments in my life. But the chasing of it also leads to some of my deepest disasters.

One of my favorite quotes about it is "Secular freedom is having to do what we want to do. Religious freedom is wanting to do what we have to do." (not sure who said it.)

Last thought: My suspicion is that I become more free (in the deepest, most core sense), I'll become more willing and able to lay aside freedom and join others in compelling ways. I bet that real freedom will free me to be less independent...

Kelly said...

First off, you are totally right about your sister's blog! I think we'd get along very well...and although your blog is also the Tin Spoon and is different than mine, I love it just the same.

As far as freedom goes, I could rant about the US and the ability to vote, etc. but my opinion is so much simpler. Freedom to me was when I was 6, laughing and playing in the sprinkler and thinking only of that moment. No past, no future...just free.